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What do you mean Last Chance?


What’s in a name? Probably lots of good stories and feelings, maybe some not much more than abstract notions, attached in all sorts of ways to that thing we’ve named. When I first moved to northern California I was really struck by the vastness of this American West. That first drive across the country and my earliest explorations of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and western Nevada desert were peppered with signs that read “NO GAS OR SERVICE FOR 100 MILES”. There were no signs like this back home in West Virginia, even in the most rural stretches of the state. Nothing there was ever far away! The gravity of these signs was unnerving and thrilling. Something about retelling the tale of an empty gas tank with nothing around but empty road, and how you unstuck yourself somehow, will stir up a deep love for the great wide open west.

There are good life lessons out beyond those signs; things you can’t anticipate and things you don’t exactly know how to prepare for. I always find myself making one last stop at a filling station or general store in the last little town on the edge of wilderness to pick up a box of matches, a fuel canister, some chapstick, or just an unspoken peace of mind that I know where I’m headed.

It’s these places that have inspired the name… a Last Chance to gather the things we rely on, to trust what we’ve got and to be certain those things will be a part of whatever comes down the road.   

I want to send these durable little textiles out in the world to be really used, to get dirty, and to prove themselves dependable.
— Lindsey Fout, owner & designer

Our Brand

Last Chance Textiles brings original patterns to the most fundamental and quality fabrics. The result is a product that aims to become as indispensable as it is durable, something you make sure to never leave behind.

Signature bandanas

Our signature bandana, is fabric as pure function that is ubiquitous across generations and cultures. What was once the American cowboy’s most versatile tool has become something so elemental that its diverse evolution is easily taken for granted. All bandannas are made out west in the USA.

Western heritage reimagined

Original designs, fabrications, and colors are inspired by historical textiles from around the globe. The Last Chance collection reimagines this heritage and infuses it with a practical western sensibility. This creates a product that will stand the test of time and never go out of style. We take pride in making all our product from scratch with transparent and ethical production. You can feel the difference when you get your hands on it! Read more about our full production process here.



about the designer + owner

Lindsey Fout is the Los Angeles based textile designer, researcher, and teacher behind Last Chance Textiles.  A native West Virginian, her rural Appalachian upbringing informs the integrity and utilitarian aspects of her work. She designs and crafts in her Echo Park home to harness an experimental and physical practice that echos the historical textile traditions that inspire her designs.